Writing Across the Divide

Much discussion in the children’s literature world centers these days on the topic of diversity. Do those of us who are white, which is still the vast majority of us who are publishing, simply go on writing out of our accustomed white privilege without any thought to the changing world around us? … Continue reading

To Tell the Truth

Last week I wrote about my beginnings as a children’s writer, what had brought me to the hard truths that often form the core of my stories. But I wrote about only one level of that beginning, my discovery that it was possible to write hard truths, even for a young audience, and to be published. … Continue reading

My Beginnings

A friend of mine has recently decided to read her way through every book I have ever published. I was amazed that she wanted to do it, that anyone would, but, naturally, happy to supply her with reading material. She hasn’t only been making her way through a stack of picture books and novels, … Continue reading

The Problem with Memoir

I have mentioned several times in the past months that I am working on a memoir in verse. I’ve even announced a title and then, when I returned to talking about the memoir again, found myself announcing a different one. So I’ll start these musings with an announcement of yet another title: When … Continue reading