SOME Return on the Investment

Last week, I proposed that being published is not necessarily the be-all and end-all of every effort at writing, that most people engage in the other arts without expectation of being paid for whatever they create. And why shouldn't writing be the same? I also pointed out that a drive to publish … Continue reading

A Letter from a Reader

Hi, Marion, I have a question that I don't have the courage to post publicly, but I thought I would send it to you in confidence and see if you wish to address it or not. I am at the panic stage of writing, really. Four years out of my MFA program, lots of rejections, close calls, "good" … Continue reading

A Continuing Conversation

Last week, talking further about the effects of aging on my work as a writer, I spoke of now being more successful in “getting out of my own way” when I sit down to write. I said that I find myself far less concerned about what anyone else—friends, agent, editors, reviewers, etc.—will think … Continue reading

Getting Out of My Own Way

One reader had this response to the comments I made last week about the impact of aging—and the inevitable awareness of mortality that accompanies aging—on my work as a writer. I know exactly what you mean about now being more fully into my work. In the past, juggling all my responsibilities … Continue reading