Not Knowing Yet

Creative people are comfortable with not knowing yet. —an unknown jazz musician How that quote resonates with me! And challenges me at the same time. Because the truth is that “comfortable” doesn’t quite fit. I understand that part of creation is accepting those times when I don’t … Continue reading

Writing Nature

How I admire those writers who are also naturalists, or at least have a very specific knowledge of the flora and fauna that surrounds us. I write about nature often and love the natural world deeply, but my knowledge is limited. In fact, my ignorance of all that surrounds me—the names of … Continue reading

In Defense of Repression

Last week I talked about the difference between sentiment and sentimentality in our stories and, in particular, I invoked the cut-away technique used so much by films. Bring your readers/viewers right to the brink of the kind of powerful moment they already know as inevitable, then leave them to … Continue reading