Killing Miss Kitty

This collection of interrelated young-adult short stories draws, for the first time in my long writing career, directly from my own childhood. The stories are set in the place where I grew up, the cement mill housing outside a small northern Illinois town; in the time when I grew up, the early 1950’s, and use a girl named Claire, who bears a great deal of resemblance to the young Marion, as their main character.

Here is the opening of the first story.

Friend of Liberty

I still remember the exact color of the sky the day I saw Dorinda for the first time. It was an early-summer blue, an expectant blue, the blue of a robin’s egg. A few cottony clouds stood out against its wide canvas, and the smoke from the mill stack drifted overhead, as puffy and pristinely white as any cloud. Sixth grade had been let out just a couple of days before, and I was wandering the perimeter of my yard, making up stories in my head as I loved to do.
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