Baby Bear Saves the World
Baby Bear Discovers the World
Publications, 2007
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What can a camera do in the woods?

In the usual process of developing a picture book, I write the text, turn it over to an editor and rarely see the art until the book is completed. Baby Bear Discovers the World began from an entirely different place.

I met the naturalist/photographer Stan Tekiela several years ago and fell in love with his photos. He has done many books for adults, but never anything for children. “What could we do together?” I asked. And gradually a story began to take shape.

Stan went to a nature reserve with the list of the photos I wanted and, starting with a pair of twin cubs and their mother, began shooting. The end results took four years to gather, but these photos are incredible! This is a storybook, but with real animals in the photos. You’ve got to see!

Awards and Honors
Mom's Choice Award

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