Crinkle Crackle Crack
Crinkle Crackle Crack
Illustrated by
John Shelley
Holiday House, 2015
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Rap, bap, tap. Late one winter night, a boy wakes to strange noises. There's a bear in his yard! The bear leads him to a forest, where the snow has grown muddy and the trees have sprouted buds. The frost is melting—crinkle, crackle, CRACK. As they move deeper into the forest, the sounds grow louder. Rap, bap, tap, crunch, scrunch, crinkle, crackle, CRACK! In an explosion of spring, ice shatters, a baby bird is born, and flowers burst forth.

From the duo that created Halloween Forest.

Crinkle, Crackle, Crack illustration
Copyright © John Shelley, used here with permission.




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