Shelter from the Wind
Shelter from the Wind
Clarion Press, 1976
Ages 9-12
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Stacy is angry. Barbara, her stepmother, has taken over the place Stacy has had with her father ever since her mother left. And to make it worse, Barbara is going to have a baby.

One hot June morning Stacy runs away, not sure where she is going or what she is looking for—her mother, maybe? She heads across the Oklahoma panhandle where she has always lived, without supplies, without a plan. After a scary night alone on the prairie, she is discovered by a pair of white German shepherd dogs. They lead her to their mistress, Old Ella, an independent woman who is living in the sandstone homesteader's cabin her husband built for her in 1929.


ALA Notable Book
Japanese Library Association (award equivalent to US Newbery Award)

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