As a young man, I was often told that I was a daydreamer, a rubbernecker, an exaggerator.  But in a fiction class all the things I had been criticized about came together to create something meaningful.  That was a very powerful feeling for me.

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Adam is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist and short story writer. He won the Pulitzer for his 2012 novel, The Orphan Master’s Son. He is also a professor of English at Stanford University with a focus on creative writing.[1]

One thought on “Daydreamer?

  1. Uma Krishnaswami

    Yup, that was me–daydreamer and observer of all trivial things around me, and from an early age, the queen of exaggerators, filling in the dramatic sequences in my mind when life failed to deliver them up in real time.


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