Where the Storyteller is Loyal

“. . . Where the storyteller is loyal, eternally and unswervingly loyal to the story, there, in the end, silence will speak.”

Credit: gracey | morguefile.com

Isak Dinesen

3 thoughts on “Where the Storyteller is Loyal

  1. Norma Gaffron

    Ah, yes, Isak Dinesen, wonderful quote from her. Thank you, Marion for reminding me of her and her work. Will never forget BABETTE’S FEAST or my visit to her home in Denmark while visiting relatives there…

    1. Marion Dane Bauer

      Thanks, Norma. I know Isak Dinesen’s name but not her work. Or at least I don’t think I know it. Sometimes these days I no longer remember what I used to know. I’m going to check into BABBETT’S FEAST.


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