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Credit: Tracy Walsh | Minnesota Good Age

My daughter, Beth-Alison, posts my blogs and quotes for me, and she calls me faithfully when I’ve failed to deliver what she needs according to the schedule we have agreed upon.  An interesting reversal of roles that is, no doubt, only the beginning of a much more substantial reversal that I prefer not to spend too much time thinking about.

So I’ve just hung up from talking to her and from justifying my tardiness in giving her my first-week-of-December blog.  Of course, I explained why I was late, like a kid explaining why there simply hasn’t been time to clean her room.

My explanation?  I’m moving into the final chapters of my latest revision of Sunshine, the novel I have been slogging through for entirely too long, and I’m building momentum, and I just can’t make myself put the novel down to pick up something else.  Even when the something else has a deadline, and Sunshine doesn’t.

“But I’ll do it,” I promised.  “I’ll get it to you very soon.”

Beth-Alison was kind, understanding, but she still needs the blog.

That being the case, I’ve decided to cheat.  An article just came out in Minnesota Good Age Magazine about me, about my turning 80, and about my work.  The author of the article, Julie Kendrick, did a very nice job of interviewing and writing.  The photographer, Tracy Walsh, has given me a lot of new photos.  (Posing for photos is one of my least favorite activities, ranking close to scrubbing floors.)  So why not take advantage of their good work?

Here is the URL for the article.


Happy reading.

6 thoughts on “Write On!

    1. Marion Dane Bauer

      Probably not, Mary. I think you read the YA novel I’ve put aside, Blue-Eyed Wolf. I still have ideas about that one and am drawn to it,, but I probably won’t pick it up again. Longer work is getting harder to keep control of.

  1. Deb Miller

    Make no apologies for sharing this beautiful beautiful article that we never would have had the opportunity to read had you not! Loved every word. Your life, your work, and your direct quotes are inspiring to other writers on so many levels. Thank you!

    Also, the Stuff of Stars is breathtaking in both word and image. It occupies a prominent place on my coffee table and is my new birthday gift of choice for young readers.


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