Grit and Magic

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Part of learning to create things well is just practice—putting in your time, keeping at it, refusing to give up when you make mistakes, which you are going to do a lot. Nowadays, people are calling the willingness to persist like this: grit. And yet there is another aspect to this business of creating things—call it joy, or inspiration, or magic, or whatever. And this part has very little to do with stiffening your spine and pushing past difficulties. So, in Falcon, I tried to evoke that delicate balancing act of grit and magic.

Susan Fletcher

2 thoughts on “Grit and Magic

  1. nancyboflood

    Thank you, Marion, I need to hear these words again and again. Learn from mistakes. Celebrate accomplishments, little and big. The “grit” is doing it day by day. And reaching out for help sometimes, thank you.


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