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Where the Storyteller is Loyal

“. . . Where the storyteller is loyal, eternally and unswervingly loyal to the story, there, in the end, silence will speak.”

Credit: gracey | morguefile.com

Isak Dinesen

Peek into Someone’s Conscience


photo credit: Phunkymatt / Morguefile.com

“Storytelling, especially in novels, allows people to peek into someone’s conscience to see how other people think. This can affirm our own beliefs and perceptions, but more often, it challenges them. Psychology researcher Dan Johnson recently published a study in Basic and Applied Social Psychology that found reading fiction significantly increased empathy towards others, especially people the readers initially perceived as ‘outsiders’ (e.g. foreigners, people of a different race, skin color, or religion).”
−Cody C. Delistraty

What Stories Are Made of

old woman“So many lives
with longing.

It’s what stories―
all our stories―
are made of.”

from my book
Little Dog, Lost